Touch of Perfection

Drapery hardware can be very important for the function and feel of a home. Whether you use basic hardware for your drapery needs, or you reach for more decorative options, having the proper hardware in place is key to having a comfortable home. A lot of drapery hardware on the market isn't built with strong materials and doesn't have the artistic styles you desire. With Kirsch, all our exceptional products are built with high-quality craftsmanship and can add style to any room.

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Designer Drapery Hardware


Designer Metals

Good design demands perfection, and perfection shines through the Kirsch® Designer Metals™ Collection. With an expansive assortment of sophisticated styles and striking finishes, each piece is designed with thoughtful details to compose a dramatic statement for your home. It becomes an impressive visual narrative of pure brilliance, as well as a reflection of exceptional taste displayed in a dazzling manner. Kirsch® Designer Metals™ is the perfect selection for the room that requires finesse with a touch of glamour.


Wrought Iron

The Kirsch® Wrought Iron Collection keeps the remarkable custom of iron work alive. Wrought iron has been used for practical applications for its durability for centuries, and decorative and elaborate iron work has become an important architectural statement. Our skilled ironworkers still use the time-honored methods to form classic, heavyweight wrought iron products, while protecting the authenticity of the craft and keeping the timeless practice of this beautiful tradition alive.


Renaissance Collection

Known for its beautiful, layered finishes the Renaissance™ Collection captures a certain individuality that gives your room a royal touch. With one of our majestic drapery products that are reminiscent of ancient times, your home will feel like pure nobility. The complex, decorative and distinct details of this collection evoke fascination and honor traditions of times past. The Kirsch® Renaissance™ Collection creates an intriguing and inspirational charm that gives your home a lasting impression.


Buckingham Collection

Each Buckingham® Collection product is designed and created through a strategic process to ensure a beautiful and distinguished style that celebrates the tradition of fine American hand crafting. Each piece starts out as a hand-cut jewel and is transformed into a master carving. Paying close attention to detail, artists then hand brush, burnish and distress each item to provide a one of a kind finishing touch. Additional layers of paint and lacquers give the Buckingham® Collection pieces a classic Victorian and elegant Renaissance style.


Traverse Rods

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, The Kirsch® Estate™ Collection is the perfect solution for those seeking more function from their decorative hardware. A completely customizable collection that offers innovation and beauty in one ingenious system. You'll love the variety of styles available to The Estate™ Collection, from traditional Wood Trends™ to ultra modern Chroma, there is a solution available to everyone.


Architrac® Collection

The industry standard for commercial-grade drapery track, Architrac® is used in homes, businesses and other commercial establishments where reliable, exceptional performance is demanded. Architrac® offers strong, smooth operation in a small profile package so you can focus on your personal style.


Basic Collection

Exceptional quality is crucial when creating a room scene that stands out. Our basic systems stay behind the scenes and delivers beauty that endures the test of time.


Chroma Collection

Designed with flexibility in mind, this collection adapts to a variety of styles, from minimalist to extravagant. A palette of energetic colors complement the clean lines of each piece. As light passes through the luminous material, a subtle glow emits from within. For a comfortably modern style, Chroma is an excellent selection.

Let Your Creativity Shine

Choosing from our wide variety of artistic drapery hardware options, you’ll have the freedom to be creative and design your ideal window setting. Looking for elegant drapery rods? Whether you’re considering a polished wood finish or a sleek metal construction, you’ll be sure to make your living space more enjoyable with our wide selection of decorative drapery rods.

When you’re deciding on the best options for your needs, it’s important to consider the feel you’re trying to portray in your home. Do you want a more classical look? How about a sleek, polished look? It may seem strange, but the right drapery hardware can take your living spaces to the next level.

From elegant drapery finials to the necessary brackets and poles, Kirsch has the products you need, at prices that work for your budget. Given our wide variety of decorative collections, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your ideal look, that’s on budget at the same time. No more shopping around to find the perfect drapery hardware combination. Just one visit to Kirsch and all of your drapery needs are solved. Check out our exceptional products today!

With our impressive collection of metal finishes, wood colors and resin styles we can complement any finishes in your décor to complete your look.

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